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Gigablast Web Search Appliance

Gigablast is now offering the Gigablast Web Search Appliance which indexes over 500 million web pages on a single 1U server. Up to 200 can be networked together to achieve an index over 100 billion pages.

Two appliances deliver results similar to what you find when searching on gigablast.com. The new Gigablast German Index is running on a single Gigablast Web Search Appliance.

Relevant Features:

  • Compact. Each 1U server can store over 500 million web pages.

  • Scalable. Over 200 appliances can be networked together to search over 100 billion web pages; signficantly more than the public search engines currently in operation.

  • Private. Your queries stay on your intranet.

  • Blazing. Can handle over 20 typical web search queries per second.

  • Fresh. Contains all the web spidering logic required to keep the index fresh and up to date, prioritizing the most popular websites if required. Including advanced proxy logic not available in the open source version.

  • Updates. Purchase entitles customer to lifetime subscription of all software updates. Including spam blacklists.

  • Beefed Up. In addition to many reliability enhancements and new features, the commercial version of Gigablast, Gigablast PRO™, serves signficantly higher quality results at incredibly faster speeds when compared to the freely available open source solution.

  • Customizable. Since it is based on the Gigablast Open Source, but with many upgrades, you have the same flexible Web GUI for adminstrating and customizing the index as you see fit, including adding your own data and pages.

  • Reliable. Having coded search engines for more than 15 years, we have made the software uptime signficantly greater than the hardware uptime. A 24/7 warranty with support within one hour is available for all customers.

  • API. Complete details of the robust API.

  • Community. The large and growing user community is a testament to the success of Gigablast. Very few technologies have successfully served billions of web queries to millions of users.

  • More features.

Please contact us to discuss further details.