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by Matt Wells

Gigablast Open Source Users

"somewhere in albuquerque there's a 1 person company that produces extremely efficient, fast and insanely flexible search product. we use it for an extra-secret BI project and been up and running in less than an hour. with matt nearby is like having a top google engineer tweak and improve your very own search engine. thank you matt for everything you've done for us!"

-- Anonymous Corporate User, Tel Aviv
"I have been using Gigablast for several days now and find it to be the only scalable web server available. Matt's has been very helpful with any issues that have come up. So far things have been going pretty smoothly and I hope to have a large web index up and running soon."

-- Brian Rasmusson, Denmark
"After looking at and testing a number of different search platforms, Gigablast had the perfect combination of functionality and scalability to meet our needs, and has performed well as the backend to our ExactSeek.com search engine."

-- Murray Hunter CTO JaydeOnline Inc., Canada

Gigablast pre Open Source Users

Snap.com powered its web search technology by running Gigablast on over 100 servers. Snap was started by the founder of Overture/GoTo.com, Bill Gross. Snap helped pioneer the marketplace for ads that popup when you mouse over a link.
GlobalSpec used Gigablast to index and search millions of technical products to help grow it into one of the market leaders for online technical and industrial product information.
MetaLincs embedded Gigablast into its commercial solution for E-mail discovery before being acquired by Seagate, Inc.